Rewards of Joining Bangladesh Armed Forces

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So I guess that you have the proper mind set. Now let’s continue. First of all, if you love a lot of money in your hand, then army is not your dream job. Just like any other government job it pays less “in cash”. But there are thousands of other Read More

Set Your Mind First: Joining Bangladesh Army

First of all, as you are hoping to be a military officer of Bangladesh army I will take it for granted that you are not a crying baby. I’ll lay it in front of you just the way it is…no extra glorifications, okay? The life of a cadet (you will Read More

List of Public and Private Universities of Bangladesh

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Currently Bangladesh has 31 public universities, 2 special universities, two international universities and 54 private universities. In this post there is the list of all the public and private universities of Bangladesh. Public Universities Dhaka University is first university of Bangladesh. Here is the entire list of 31 public universities. Read More

Analysis of Sectoral Contribution on the GDP of Bangladesh

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Current Scenario of GDP of Bangladesh Bangladesh is a developing country. Though it does not have such a rich GDP condition, its total amount of GDP of 2008 is 78,992 millions of US dollars, and purchasing power parity is 213,504 millions of International dollars. Besides this, ours GDP per capita- Read More

Overview of MediaCom Limited – Bangladeshi Marketing Communication Firm

Mediacom Limited (MCL) is a Bangladeshi advertising agency that specializes in developing and preparing plans, advertisements and other promotional tools. MCL also arrange or contract for the purchase of advertising space and time in various media. MCL employs specialists in applying the complex art and science of advertising to business Read More

Overview of Zanala Bangladesh – Bangladeshi Marketing Communication Agency

Zanala Bangladesh is a new age market communication company. they design identity and communication strategies/tools for customer’s communication needs in all forms of media, be it product/service promotion or social awareness. They have the people, know-how and professional experience to give a distinct identity in the market. Vision of Zanala Read More

Analyzing Bangladeshi TV Advertisement part-2

In this post I will be analyzing few more Bangladeshi television advertisement. If you have missed the first part, here it is: Analysis of Bangladeshi TV Advertisements: Part 1   Title of the Advertisement: Purbachal American City This is a part of US-Bangladesh G which is group a real estate company. The Read More

Scheduled Banks of Bangladesh

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There are 48 scheduled banks in Bangladesh. Here is the list of 48 scheduled bangs of Bangladesh. If you are looking for categorized list of scheduled banks of Bangladesh please go to: Banks in Bangladesh: Categorized Here is a list of Scheduled banks of Bangladesh: • AB Bank Limited • Read More

Banks in Bangladesh: Categorized

There are 48 scheduled Banks in Bangladesh. Here you will find the list of banks categorized by their work, policies and target market. Banks in Bangladesh with the categories: Nationalised Commercial Banks (NCBs) 1. Sonali Bank 2. Janata Bank 3. Agrani Bank 4. Rupali Bank Private Commercial Banks (PCBs) 1. Read More

Overview of Asiatic Marketing Communication Ltd of Bangladesh

About Asiatic MCL Asiatic is one of the leading marketing communication firms of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, Asiatic has been operating in the business environment over the last four decades. The relationship that Asiatic has developed with the leading business houses, industrial undertakings, NGOs, Government bodies, industrialists, entrepreneurs, businessmen, marketers, executives Read More