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Viva Questions: Model

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In my opinion this viva is not to judge your knowledge about current affairs, it is to judge your state of mind. So relax and be yourself. “Possibly” the viva board will ask the following questions. (They may/will ask different Read More

Preliminary Viva: Join Bangladesh Army

After preliminary medical checkup, comes preliminary viva. It’s a fun part and most probably the easiest part of the selection process. But still some unfortunate applicants fail to pass this test. Many people fail this test simply because they are Read More

Preliminary Medical Checkup

Preli has two parts: Preliminary Medical Checkup and Preliminary Viva. As I’ve said before, this is the easiest part of the selection process. You should pass this exam easily. But there are some things which you should take under serious Read More

The Selection Process of Joining Bangladesh Army

The selection process of an army officer is very sophisticated. But the good thing about it is, there is no fixed number of “seats”. That’s why if you can fulfill the requirements, you will get selected for sure, no matter Read More

Increase Your Physical Fitness

Like I said before, mental maturity has the top most priority in this sector. But you can never neglect the aspect of physical fitness also. I’m not saying that you have to be a body builder, I’m just saying that Read More

Qualities You Must Have to Join the Army

As you are here, I’ll take it for granted that you have the proper determination to join the Bangladesh Army and you fulfill the minimum requirements. Many may differ to what I have to say about this topic. But I Read More

The Minimum Requirements of Joining the Army

I hope you have read the 1st and 2nd post of this blog and you are completely ready to join the force. Now let’s talk about the minimum requirements for joining the Bangladesh Army as an military officer. (These requirements Read More

Rewards of Joining Bangladesh Armed Forces

So I guess that you have the proper mind set. Now let’s continue. First of all, if you love a lot of money in your hand, then army is not your dream job. Just like any other government job it Read More

Set Your Mind First: Joining Bangladesh Army

First of all, as you are hoping to be a military officer of Bangladesh army I will take it for granted that you are not a crying baby. I’ll lay it in front of you just the way it is…no Read More

List of Public and Private Universities of Bangladesh

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Currently Bangladesh has 31 public universities, 2 special universities, two international universities and 54 private universities. In this post there is the list of all the public and private universities of Bangladesh. Public Universities Dhaka University is first university of Read More