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Videos That Motivate Us to Join Bangladesh Army

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Here are some videos which motivate us to Join Bangladesh Army. Bangladesh Army is one of the toughest Army’s in the world and if you are thinking about joining Bangladesh army you can check out these videos and also you Read More

Join Bangladesh Army

Do you want to Join Bangladesh Army? Go through these articles about how to join Bangladesh army which may guide you through the Army selection process: Set Your Mind First: Joining Bangladesh Army Rewards of Joining Bangladesh Armed Forces The Read More

Location of ISSB Bangladesh

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If you are new here, please go to the first post and continue from there. You can get the information about the date of your ISSB from the ISSB’s official site. You can also get the location map from there. Read More

After You Get Out of ISSB

After you get selected by the ISSB you’ll have to prepare for the final medical check up. But I’m not going to write anything about that exam, because there’s nothing I or you can do about that medical checkup; if Read More

ISSB: If You Get Selected

If you get selected, you will be handed a green card. Everyone else will leave the room, you’ll stay. Congratulations. After everyone leaves the room DP will congratulate you and also point out the mistakes you have made through out Read More

If You Get Rejected

If you get rejected, you will receive a red card from your DP and leave the room. Many gentlemen break down and cry at this moment. I advice you that you don’t do that. You will then pick up your Read More

ISSB: Day 4

If you haven’t gone through the previous articles about the ISSB, I recommend you go to this post: Inter Services Selection Board. Day 4 is by far the hardest and most painful day of ISSB because you don’t have to Read More

ISSB: Day 3

I assume you have gone through the posts: Day 1 and Day 2 Day 3 is to find out your commanding and observing ability. This day hold a lot of significance. There are mainly four tasks scheduled for this day. Read More

ISSB: Day 2

On day 2 the following tests will take place: Progressive Group Task (PGT) Half Group Task (HGT) Group Discussion (Bangla and English) Individual Obstacle (IO) Deputy President Viva (DP Viva) This day will determine your ability to work in a Read More

ISSB: Day 1

The moment you step inside ISSB, forget everything you have learnt or hoped to see before. ISSB is a whole new world and you have to spend 4 days here and WIN the green card. Best of luck and be Read More