Viva Questions: Model

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In my opinion this viva is not to judge your knowledge about current affairs, it is to judge your state of mind. So relax and be yourself. “Possibly” the viva board will ask the following questions.

(They may/will ask different /more questions)

Q1. How are you?

Q2. What’s your name and what’s its meaning?

Q3. Describe yourself.

Q4. Describe your family.

Q5. Why do you want to join Bangladesh Army?

Q6. Why not Navy or Air Force?

Q7. Tell us in brief, what do you know about Bangladesh Army?

Q8. Why should we choose you? What qualities do you have? (positive side)

Q9. Criticize yourself. (Your negative/bad sides)

Q10. What is BMA?

Q11. Where is it?

Q12. Where is Bangladesh Naval Academy and Bangladesh Air Force Academy situated?

Q13. Did your parents force you to join Bangladesh Army?

Q14. (If the answer to the Q13 is ‘no’) Do you have your parents’ permission to join the military force?

Q15. You look very soft and innocent. Do you think that you can survive the tough training? Won’t you leave the training in midway?

Q16. Okay gentle-man/lady you may leave now.

More or less these are the preli viva questions. Viva board may also ask some basic general knowledge type questions. They may also ask you to translate a few lines in English or Bangla.

Write the answers to these questions in the comment section or just email me your answers. I’ll read them and point out the mistakes if necessary.

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আর্টিকেলটি ভাল লাগলে লাইক করুন, শেয়ার করুন। কমেন্ট করে আপনার মতামত জানান।


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  3. Suchana says:

    1. I am fine. 2. My name is Suchana. It means the beginning. 3. I am Suchana.I live in sylhet. I am a h.s.c examinee of 2012. I’ve passed s.s.c in 2010. 4. My father’s name is Shyamal and he is a teacher. My mother’s name is sutapa. She is a housewife. I’ve a younger brother. his name is Anik. he is in class 7. 5. I want to join army because it’s my dream. I want to serve the country and to be a proud citizen. 6. I’ve dreamt about army from my childhood. I don’t find any interest in navy or airforce. 7. I don’t know much about Bangladesh army. It’s better if you give me some information. 8. I think I’ve the qualities of becoming army officer. I’m hard working and confident. 9. I keep thinking too long. 10. Bangladesh military academy. 11. I don’t know . 12. I don’t know. 13. no. 14. yes, I have. 15. I won’t leave the training midway. I can survive it and I’ll do it at any cost.
    Please point out my mistakes and kindly give me some information and advice.

  4. Safwan Ahmed says:

    Are you an officer now?

  5. S U Alam says:

    i think 6. is the toughest question. in which way we should answer that question. if the board ask “why don’t you have any interest in NAVY or AIR Force?” what should i say then?

  6. S U Alam says:

    Mr. Asif Irtiza Hussain, can i have your email id, please? i have some questions as well as i need some suggestion.

  7. Tarzan says:

    Mr. Asif Iriaz Hussain, I want to examination systems for Navy Officer?

    1. Prince Mahmud Hafij says:

      U should apply first. Then u will get the call-up letter. In that letter, u will get your exam date. Then u will go to the exam center.
      System is:
      Preliminary medical check up and Preliminary Viva.
      Written exam.
      Final Medical check up.
      And Final Viva.