Qualities You Must Have to Join the Army

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As you are here, I’ll take it for granted that you have the proper determination to join the Bangladesh Army and you fulfill the minimum requirements.

Many may differ to what I have to say about this topic. But I strongly believe that I am right. To my honest opinion, the army is not looking for an “extraordinary” person. They are looking for a person who is “normal”. You will not be able to join the army if you are too good or bad. There are some qualities that one must have to join the army. I am writing them below.

1. Positiveness

2. Honesty

3. Patriotism

4. Strong personality

5. Adequate intelligence

6. Courage

7. Integrity

8. Sacrificing tendency

9. Sense of honor and pride

If you have these 9 qualities and if you can balance them properly, I don’t think that you will have any significant problems getting in the army. If you can balance these qualities then you are (or you will be) a good leader, a good speaker and not a bad person*. Do you have these qualities? If you don’t, please don’t be disheartened. Start practicing them now. Maybe you can develop these qualities. Even if you don’t get commission in the army, these things will make you a better person and that’s worth a try.

BMA Honour Code: A gentleman cadet will never lie, cheat or steal.

Best of luck and proceed to: Increase Your Physical Fitness

*there’s a difference between a “good person” and “not a bad person”.

আর্টিকেলটি ভাল লাগলে লাইক করুন, শেয়ার করুন। কমেন্ট করে আপনার মতামত জানান।


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  3. Rafid Abir says:

    sir can any body help me to know the minimum requirement to join the bangladesh army for a english medium background student passing O Level and A Level under edexcel board of london but in bangladesh under british council fuller road dhaka.