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About Asiatic MCL

Asiatic is one of the leading marketing communication firms of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, Asiatic has been operating in the business environment over the last four decades. The relationship that Asiatic has developed with the leading business houses, industrial undertakings, NGOs, Government bodies, industrialists, entrepreneurs, businessmen, marketers, executives and bureaucrats is supreme.

Renowned media figures Aly Zaker, Asaduzzman Noor, Sara Zaker are the key executives at Asiatic and they are also top business people of Bangladesh. Aly Zaker is the president of the Asiatic MCL.

The range of Asiatic services transcends the frontiers of Advertising to cover Social Communication, Events, Public Relations, Corporate Relations, Direct Marketing, Formative Research and Media Planning and Management, Marketing and Product Planning.

Asiatic works with the stories, Stories of life, stories of people. At Asiatic JWT, they say that our universe is made of stories, not atoms.

They say,
“We are the storytellers. Welcome to our story. ”
Address of Asiatic Marketing Communications Ltd, Bangladesh is
Asiatic Centre House
63 Road 7B, Block H Banani Model Town

Evaluation of Asiatic MCL

Advertisement is the non-personal communication of information persuasive in nature, informing about products (goods and services) or ideas or concepts by identified sponsors through various media.
Actually there was very little advertising practice in Bangladesh before the independence. Due to inadequate industrialization, demand for advertising agencies was very narrow. East Asiatic (now Asiatic) is one of the pioneers in the field with the firms like Bitopi, and Interspan. They entered the market almost simultaneously in the year 1967. Their clients comprised multinational companies like Lever Brothers Ltd. which had started to increase the range of their products. Other advertising companies started their journey after independence.

Asiatic has evolved from an advertising agency to a multi-dimensional communications company providing proactive, pragmatic and total communication solutions to a multitude of local, regional and international clients over the years. Now, Asiatic has been involved in product innovations, brand building, brand launches, market entry strategies etc. for most of the top industrial and marketing companies of Bangladesh including Unilever Bangladesh Limited, Pepsi, BAT, Sanowara etc. Asiatic has not only been an advertising agency for its clients but has also provided strategic planning services to most of them.

Partner and Subsidiaries of Asiatic

International Affiliation
Affiliate of Asiatic, J. Walter Thompson, is one of the top global advertising agencies of the world with 246 offices in 83countries. They have association with JWT which is the 4th largest advertising firm of the world.

The association with JWT enables Asiatic to:

  • Access superior global communication skills and technology
  • Facilitate training of personnel in overseas JWT offices
  • Gain direct and indirect creative input from JWT source, if required
  • Avail of superior technical support
  • Access technological input in Public Service Communication (PSC) from Thomson Social, a division of Thomson dedicated to social communication

Aim of Asiatic MCL

To help growth of scientific communication and marketing where service/product benefits are married to consumer needs to bring about desired behavioral change or to build great brands.

Philosophy of Asiatic MCL

A communication consultant must provide solutions that are comprehensive, ideas that are enduring, campaigns that are effective and create environment that is sustainable and brands that become institutions.

They believe that an advertisement should not only stand out from the others but also be memorable and should stimulate the target audience’s/consumers’ mind towards a positive action. They also believe that a strategy or an advertisement, however attractive will fail in its purpose unless delivered with appropriate marketing considerations.

This philosophy of acts almost as an intrinsic component in all their campaigns – Be it an advertisement of as sophisticated a product as a personal computer or down-to-earth social service as an oral dehydration program.

The watchword of Asiatic is ‘professionalism’ and their strength is: “Human resource comprising young and talented professionals working in combination with each other, with skills and imagination.”

Because they believe,

“If you want things to stay the way they are, things will have to change”
– James Webb Scott

The innovations of Asiatic

  • First agency to start Social communication wing to handle communication needs of
  • Development Agencies.
  • First agency to start an Event management company
  • First agency to introduce a planning department
  • First agency to introduce a Market Research company


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