Microphilanthropy: Can’t you help a little?

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Micro philanthropy is actually a model of philanthropy. It is has more direct interaction between people in need and the contributor in a smaller amount. Microphilanthropy has a strong relation with the term micro credit. Microphilanthropy extends small donations and on the other hand, microcredit extends small loans to the poor people. The goal is same, to eliminate poverty. The idea of microcredit came from Muhammad Yunus, an economist from Bangladesh. He had a vision of eliminating poverty by micro credit. Microphilanthropy is similar to the idea behind the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh founder by him. Dr. Muhammad Yunus had a dream that the poor people who cannot qualify for regular loans would be able to get rid of the curse of poverty by microcredit. The dream came true; the Grameen bank really could change the life of the poorest people of Bangladesh. Grameen Bank of Bangladesh mostly gives loan mainly to the villagers and prefers women. Latter Dr. Muhammad Yunus and his organization Grameen Bank were honored with the noble price in peace. He is first noblest from Bangladesh.

Lets know more about Microphilanthropy
You will understand the constructive effects of Microphilanthropy on society with a very simple example. If you donate 1000 taka to one poor person, it will be helpful to change a situation for that person. If that person shares that 1000 taka with ten more persons, may be it will change situations of more 9 life. Your small help is huge for them. There are many sites for Microphilanthropy. If you need a little help or want to help a little then please visit one of these sites.

• The Generation Project
• MicroGiving
• Reality Charity
• Wishing Well Giving
• MiniDonations.org
• Jolkona
• SeeYourImpact
• Philanthroper
• GivingTreeLife.com
• GivingTreeIncentives.com
• ioby.org
• The Awesome Foundation
• CitizenEffect.org
• flattr.com
• icancanu.com
• WideAwake.org
• Social Actions
• League of Virtue
• Smallcanbebig.org
• 1DollarClub.org
• Kiva.org
• ChangingThePresent.org
• SearchKindly.org
• Causecast.org
• Givology.org
• ForTheNext.org
• Givv.org

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