ISSB: Day 4

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If you haven’t gone through the previous articles about the ISSB, I recommend you go to this post: Inter Services Selection Board.

Day 4 is by far the hardest and most painful day of ISSB because you don’t have to do a single thing that day. You just have to wait; wait for the result. You just have to wait for your dreams to come true. Is there anything more painful then waiting? I don’t think so.

After packing up your bags and storing them in the recreation room, you will head downstairs to have your breakfast. Remember the rules? No talking while eating- maintain that. After breakfast you’ll be headed to the recreation room and you will start waiting. It can take upto 2 pm to announce the results. Meanwhile, you will do what ever you like (play table tennis, chess or carom, watch TV, have refreshments or smoke) but you will not leave the recreation room.

Remember, there is a chance that some of you will be called for the presidential-viva or the re-IO. So be prepared for that. When packing the bags, keep the certificates and the ground dress (white shorts and T-shirt/track suite) on top, so that if you are called you can get ready quickly.

If the selectors feel doubt about any candidate they can be called to the presidential viva or re-IO or both. In presidential viva, the president of ISSB will conduct your viva. There can be up to 10 officers in the room. I was called on a presidential viva, but only the president was present. Don’t get nervous. Normally, almost no one gets rejected after appearing on this viva. So if you are called, ENJOY, but don’t screw up.

When the time of your result will come, you will take your bags and fall in with your group mates. You will then walk to the building where your DP viva was conducted and enter your DP’s room. Then one by on, your results will be announced.

If you are rejected, you will leave.

If you are selected by the Bangladesh Armed Forces, you will stay.

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