ISSB: Day 3

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I assume you have gone through the posts: Day 1 and Day 2

Day 3 is to find out your commanding and observing ability. This day hold a lot of significance. There are mainly four tasks scheduled for this day. They are planning test, extempore speech, command test and mutual assessment.

Planning Test: Planning test has two parts- writing and discussing. For writing you will get 15+15 or 30 minutes. A map and a few problems will be given to you. You have to observe it for 15 minutes and then you will have to write the solution in 15 minutes. Group members are not allowed to talk during this session. You will write your own solution. You will have to listen to the briefing very carefully. All the solutions must be logical. Read the instructions carefully.

Next your solution paper will be taken away and you will be escorted to your team hut. There you will discuss about the possible best solution of the problems, infront of GTO. The instruction for this test is almost same as the PPDT. Don’t be arrogant, be supportive.

Extempore speech: After the finishing of planning test, you will prepare for your extempore speech. You will be given 2 topics and you will choose the one you are comfortable with. You might get 2 minutes to think about the speech. You will get about 3 minutes to deliver your speech. Don’t be nervous. You don’t have to use the whole 3 minutes. Speech slowly but clearly. Don’t hesitate. Whenever a plane flies by, you will pause.

Command Task: This is one of the most important exams of ISSB. Here your commanding capabilities will be judged. For this test you will have to choose 3 of your group mates who will act as your subordinates. The rules of this test are quite similar to the rules of PGT, HGT. but here you will act as the commander. Never say “please” or never ask for the suggestion of your subordinate during this test. You should make a plan before beginning to overcome the obstacle. Usually the obstacles of this test are very hard. And it might be a little hard to complete it in 7 minutes. But don’t be nervous. It doesn’t matter if you can’t overcome it. Attitude and logic should be accurate. Each group member will take the place of the commander sequentially.

* don’t give impossible orders to your subordinate

* don’t say “please”

* don’t leave your group mates behind

* carry the explosive

Mutual assessment: In this test you will have to rate your teammates (and yourself) according to the performance of the last 3 days. Putting your name at 2-3 is a good choice. This test reflects the knowledge of judgment. Be impartial. You will have to write a negative point about each person (including yourself).

After this test you will head to your dormitory and prepare for the Day 4 or the last day at ISSB.

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