Increase Your Physical Fitness

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Like I said before, mental maturity has the top most priority in this sector. But you can never neglect the aspect of physical fitness also. I’m not saying that you have to be a body builder, I’m just saying that you need to increase your overall fitness. Let me tell you now, that army hates overweight persons. So if you are overweight or if you think you are overweight, please start working out (exercise).

My advice to all the readers will be to eat well but not much, sleep at the right time and wake up early. Try to play outdoor games or try to go jogging in the morning or in the afternoon.

I have joined two great fitness programs. These programs are completely free and you will be amazed to see the developments in your physic during/after completing these programs.

One Hundred Push Ups Program: aimed to train you to do 100 consecutive push-ups in 6 weeks.

Two Hundred Sit Ups Program: aimed to train you to do 200 consecutive sit-ups in 6 weeks.

I recommend these two fitness programs. Best of luck.

Now you can proceed to The Selection Process.

আর্টিকেলটি ভাল লাগলে লাইক করুন, শেয়ার করুন। কমেন্ট করে আপনার মতামত জানান।


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  3. my chaste is 35,i were glass for my eyes,so what u think about me that i m join in arme..

    1. Nilsajal says:

      u hav to improve….ur …english skill dudu

  4. Tasnuva Tasneem Nodi says:

    I’m 5.6″ tall & my weight’s 56 kg…i wear glasses too.Am i fit enough 2 apply 2 army?THAKS FOR ALL THE INFORMATION…

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  6. Farhad_golapi says:

    I Want to join bd army as soon as how it’s possible somebody can help me?????