If You Get Rejected

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If you get rejected, you will receive a red card from your DP and leave the room. Many gentlemen break down and cry at this moment. I advice you that you don’t do that. You will then pick up your bags and leave ISSB.

Now listen carefully,

In my first appearance in ISSB, even after I was called for the presidential viva, I was rejected by the army. Not because I was unlucky, but because I screwed up. I was really happy when I was called for the PV and I was relieved after I gave my viva as I was sure that I was going to get selected (I couldn’t realize my mistake). I was so happy and sure that in the DP’s room I was almost acting like an army officer. But it came to me as a shock when the respected DP sir handed me the red card I didn’t wish for.

I took it.

Left the room.

Picked up my luggage.

And I walked.

I walked the long way to the main gate of ISSB. I saw many guardians sitting by the gate, waiting for their beloved son to come out with a green card in his hand, and make them as proud as they can possibly get. I couldn’t bear to look at them, because I was shattered, my dreams were shattered. Even though I didn’t look at them and was completely unknown to them, but I could feel that my sadness was touching them to. I just walked away with pure silence- with bags in one hand and the red card in other.

I know very well how it feels like when you are rejected by the army. So I will not try to console you by telling that “it’s all right” or “everything’s going to be okay”. I’ll just say that, this is not the end of the life. Look at the bright side, you have gathered experience which will help you next time you try out for army. And believe me, when you’ll get that green card in hand next time, you will almost forget about this years pain.

Better luck next time.

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  3. emam ush says:

    dear brother…
    thnQ very much…
    100 % same experience from me…at that time with green card.!! I can’t…
    but now i’m with the new spirit…hope that that card will turn into green INSHALLAH..

  4. Ifthakar Adnan says:

    Thank you brother, for you arduous Information .This really inspire the next as me I hope you will get apt respect by all, this site fully aroused our sense about ISSB even a simple matter will appeared if anyone read.