Analyzing Bangladeshi TV Advertisement part-2

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In this post I will be analyzing few more Bangladeshi television advertisement. If you have missed the first part, here it is: Analysis of Bangladeshi TV Advertisements: Part 1


Title of the Advertisement: Purbachal American City

This is a part of US-Bangladesh G which is group a real estate company. The advertisement has been telecasted at the pick hour via NTV which is most prominent TV channel in Bangladesh. The Moto of this company is – “A Name of Trust and Commitment. With this trust and commitment, our journey started.

The story of the advertisement:
This TV commercial was attracted my attention because it said about the middle-class people who have not much money but want to have their own home or a piece of plot. There are many real estate company in Bangladesh which take money from the client but don’t give the assurance to give the plot. In this ad a retired person very happily goes to buy a plot & move for give the periodic payment. Then he saw that people are throwing money in the water. He became surprised and asked an officer of that real estate company that why people are doing this. In spiteof giving answer he become ensured that whether he has any kind of contact with any political powerful people. After this he certainly shouted on that man & said to drop the money in the water. The client get frightened & ha also started to drop his money in the water. Purbachal says that if people invest in their company they can assure that they will get the plot & will not face any kind of harassment.
The actors of this act are not famous. They seem as a normal people &represent the normal people of Bangladesh. This ad was telecasted first on 2009.

Title of the Advertisement: Banglalink Jigyasha

Banglalink aims to understand peoples’ needs best and develop appropriate communication services to improve peoples’ life and make it simple. The is motto of this company is – “All our work is aimed towards meeting our vision”. Banglalink has recently launched a new service ‘Banglalink jigyasha 7676’ which will provide suggestions and answers to any queries related to agriculture, vegetable and fruit farming, poultry,livestock, fisheries etc.The service will give people with easy access to advice and solutions to agriculture-related problems. To avail the service a Banglalink customer needs to dial 7676, talk and get expert’s advice on the problem.

The story of this advertisement:
Farmers of Bangladesh are very hardworking person & don’t have money to get automated equipments to grow paddy. They have to work hard daylong & have to face natural disaster or insects. For this reason they don’t get accurate amount of grains. In this ad a farmer named Sharif Uddin work had in his land. He don’t lag behind for getting good crops. He listens to many people’s advice for growing good crops. But he could not keep his crops alive previous year.

He falls in great financial crisis. His younger daughter wanted to eat fish but he could not manage it. He became so much depressed. Then the teacher of the village came forward to help him. He suggests Sharif Uddin to call in Banglalink help line 7676. He felt good by talking with the help line operator who suggest him about good strategies of growing good crops. He followed the words of Banglalink helpline & got this year good crops. Now he is a solvent people & then he decided to share this news with other farmers of his village.
Banglalink says that- “Jekhanei ache din bodolercheshtashekhanei ache Banglalink”.
The actors of this ad are not famous. They are urban people of Bangladesh.
The reason of this ad is to attract the farmers of Bangladesh.

Title of the Advertisement: Grameen Phone- Shohoj, Bondhu, Apon

Grameen phone is a famous mobile phone operator. They lounched 3 packages for minimizing the callrate which is called Shohoj, Bondhu & Apon in 2009. In this ad they mentioned the callrate of the packages. The ad was telecasted in differet TV channels of Bangladesh such as Channel-I, nTV, BTV. The ad is focused on the relationship of father & daughter. A father cannot understimater his daughters wish to have a something. The act is so mch apealing & the voice of daoughter is so sweet as father cannot say no to his daughter.

The story of the ad:

A man in the bus receives a phone call which is from his daughter. She wants a pink balloon from her father &the man get down from the bus. When he says the balloon seller for a pink balloon then the daughter again calls him & says to get a blue baloon. Then he understands that the girl cannot decide what baloon she needs, for this reason he buy all baloons and surprised her.
The actor of this act is not a famous one but can shaws the love for his daughter and this also mention that the Grameenphone provide packages which their customer need as like as the father.

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