Analysing Bangladeshi TV Commercial Advertisements

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Now a day there are a lot of alternative forms of advertising a product which are getting more and more popular day by day in Bangladesh. But till now television advisement is the most effective and popular medium of advertising a product or service. Here I am analyzing 3 TV commercials of Bangladesh and trying to determine whether these ads are successful or cost effective or not.

Beautiful Bangladesh
Name of the product: Tourism of Bangladesh.

Name of the media: Bangladeshi channels and some sports channel.

Duration of the advertisement: 3 minute 30 second.

Client: Tourism Board of Bangladesh (Partner of ICC Cricket World Cup, 2011)

Agency: Grey Bangladesh.

Production: RED dot.

Director: Gazi Shubhro.

Story of the Advertisement: In this ad, a foreigner girl came to Bangladesh and she feels the country in her way. She visits the longest beach of Cox’s Bazar, enjoys with the friendly kids of Bangladesh, goes to Sundarbans (The largest mangrove forest) for collecting honey with the mouals( Honey collectors of Sundarbans), collects tea leafs from the tea garden, visits the historical Paharpur, hill tracks of Banderbans, meets the people of hills, village hat( fair), Shatgombuz mosque ( 77 doomed mosque) of Bagerhat, Lalon Akhra of Kushtia, grave of the father of nation and Shahid miner. Our hope cricket, the beautiful rain of Bangladesh, yellow mastered field, playfulness of the Bangladeshi kids, drinking tea beside the street, rickshaw, colorful village hats with nagordola, cotton candy and many more were focused.

The advertisement from my insight:

• This masterpiece advertisement is to promote the tourism of Bangladesh. Here Bangladesh has been referred as “Beautiful Bangladesh” and explained as the “School of life”. In this ad, almost all beautiful and prospective places for tourism of Bangladesh are focused.
• This ad seemed very creative because it represented the struggling people’s life of Bangladesh in an artistic and attractive way “The school of life, life about endless learning”. It was more delighting because only in 3.30 minute this ad not only focused on the beautiful places but also the life of Bangladeshis was reflected.
• The ad is so emotional that it revives the patriotism of Bangladeshi people. Foreigners will feel curious about the country.
• It is also impressive that the ad shows gradually her get up changes and at the end she starts to wear sari. She begins to love our culture. This ad sent the message so clearly that it indicates that tourists become so delighted and gradually become attached with the culture of Bangladesh.

• The frequency of telecasting this ad is very low. This ad is for reviving the tourism of Bangladesh. So telecasting of this ad is necessary to the channels of other countries. But it not is happening on that way.
• This ad has 3mintute 30 second lengths. Since it is quite lengthy this ad cannot be telecasted within drama or different programs. For this reason, after the ICC CWC, th3e frequency of telecasting this ad is less.

Robi ortho

Name of the product: Robi remittance service.

Name of the media: Bangladeshi channels like ATN, NTV, Channel I etc.

Story of the Advertisement: This ad shows “The Gaye Holud” program of a girl of a middle class family of Bangladesh. A call comes to her from her elder brother from abroad. She (Bride) is so sad because her elder brother couldn’t come to her upcoming wedding ceremony because of working abroad. This ad turned into emotional when the brother stats to consol her by saying that he is doing everything for the best of the dreaming wedding. He said that he send some money by the “Robi remittance service”.

The advertisement from my insight:

• This ad focused on the sweet relation of a sister and a brother. So this ad could touch our emotion.
• The length is only 1 minute. So it takes a little time to telecast.
• The ad is being telecasted frequently. So it is hard to miss the ad
• Brothers of Bangladeshi middle class families think that the perfect wedding ceremony of his sister is his responsibility. There are many people of Bangladesh who are working in abroad. So this ad is very acceptable.
• The message of the ad is clear. The word Robi Ortho is used for several times.

• They ad would be more popular if they used any renowned model.
• At the beginning of the ad, the set is orange colored. So people may confuse the ad with the ad of Banglalink.

Banglalink Fisherman

Name of the Product: Banglalink simcard.

Name of the channel: Bangladeshi channels like Chanel I, NTV, ATN, BTV etc.

Story of the advertisement: This ad is quite older than others but the ad is so touchy and realistic that till now it has a different appeal. In this ad, a young man becomes nostalgic about his father. His father was a fisherman. At that time there was no mobile network. So his father had to sell fishes in a very cheap price according to the will of the wholesaler. The fishermen were helpless. When the young boy wanted to go to hat with his father, his father’s face became pale. But now, there is the network of Banglalink throughout the villages. That young man is not helpless like his father. Now he has a network for Banglalink and the wholesalers has no scope to cheat them. He could break the web of the wholsalers.

The advertisement from my insight:
• This ad could touch our emotion very clearly because it focused on gradual change and present condition of our society.
• The message is clear because the ad talked about breaking the web of cheating of the wholesalers and creating network.
• This ad is based on the villagers. This also indicates that Banglalink has network throughout the villages of Bangladesh.
• The length 1.30 minute is reasonable. So it takes a little time to telecast.
• At that time the ad was telecasted frequently. So it was hard to miss the ad
• The color of the Fotua( vest) of the young man is orange. It also represents Banglalink.
• The theme of the ad is to change the time. It coincides with the theme of Banglalink.

Actually I didn’t find any bad side of this advertisement. But this ad is no more visible in television now.

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